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 1  Guide for Selection & Installation of Bulk Water Meters Download
 2  Sample Document Evaluation Report Download
 3  Format for Sample Bid Evaluation Report. Download
 4  Bid Evaluation Report (Based on SBD 1)  Download  
 5  Bid Evaluation Report for Supply & Delivery of DI Pipes, Fittings, Specials, Accessories   for DI/CI/ Valves and Manhole covers. Download
 6  Bid Evaluation Report for Supply and Installation of Pumping sets and Accessories. Download

 Bid Evaluation Report (Based on ICTAD SBD 2)





 Document Evaluation Report (Based on ICTAD SBD 2) Contractor Financing Projects –      NWSDB/SBD/CIVIL/Major- (CP) ver 1



 Bid Evaluation Report (Based on FIDIC – Contractor Financing)



 Procurement Guideline


 Procurement Guideline Reference 4.2.3


 Procurement Guideline Reference 4.3.1 & 4.3.2


 Procurement Guideline Reference 5.3.10


 Procument Guideline Reference 5.3.11


 Form for Calling of Bids

 12  Format for Procurement Committee Approval of the Bidding Document  Download
 13  Format for Confirmation on TEC Comments and Availability of Funds  Download
 14  Format for Confirmation of using latest Version of the Document  Download
 15  Training Presentations  
 15.1  Presentation of Procedure to be followed to expedite the Procurement Process  Download
 15.2  Presentation of Uniform procedure for Engineer Estimate Download
 15.3  Presentation – Document and Bid Evaluation Download
 15.4  Presentation – Standard Bidding Documents Download