Central Workshop has five main sections

  • Vehicle Section
  • Fabrication Section
  • Pump Section & Machine Section
  • Electrical Section
  • Electronics Section

Central Workshop, Polwatta is the main workshop of the NWSDB which under takes all mechanical & electrical works including Pumps,Valves,Drive systems,Vehicle and testing & certification activities of test samples.

The sections equip with skill labour and required machineries to handle any mechanical and electrical job efficiently and effectively. 

Main work carrying out by the Central Workshop
  • Running repair and major repairs of Board vehicles.
  • Vehicle periodic services
  • Engine Overhauling
  • Fabrication of package treatment plants
  • Treatment plant repair work
  • Other Fabrication work
  • Repair to all kind of Pump, Valves, Compressors, Generators ... etc.
  • Electrical repair work including motor rewinding.
  • Electronic equipment repair work.
  • Testing & issuing test reports for Ferrules, Valves ...etc.
  • Drivers, Pump Operators competence tests.
  • Installations of plant & equipment.
  • Site breakdown repsir.
  • Quality inspections.