The Greater Kandy Water Supply Project (GKWSP) of NWSDB, had conducted an extensive training program for professional plumbers with the collaboration of Tertiary & Vocational Education Commission which is a Subsidiary of the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Skills Development. An Island-wide survey was done with the courtesy of RSCs` and analyzed career details of 300 (approx.) skilled professionals representing the water sanitation backgrounds.

Our aim is to cater the general public providing an expertise plumbing service with the hands-on experience using special Tools and Equipment in the field, believing that their output will be productive, accurate and reliable as expected by NVQ compliance standards.

In addition to the NWSDB official Web Site, publicity measures were laid during the `World Water Day 2016` via electronic media such as Sirasa TV and ITN channels.


Plumbers Details of Representing Relevent RSCs

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