Stepping to yet another milestone in the NWSDBs history, the GKWSP has been growing their conceptual mindsets by reawakening core values of water conservation policy into a feasible, workable action.  In this approach, the public awareness program was simulated as a lecture session delivering to an intellectually sounding audience of a University Campus. The officials of GKWSP had chosen a veteran stage drama artiste, Jayalath Manorathne to take the role of an academic resource person to be in charge of a mentor during the session.

The lecture is initiated with a sensible narration, describing the value of drinkable water which is not in abundance when compared to salt concentrated water available elsewhere in seas and oceans. The piece of documentary emphasizes that 71% of earth surface stands as the hydrosphere, is occupied with water. Out of that area, 95% of the said volume is salty in taste, which is considered unusable. The most pathetic case is that, only 2.5% of the hydrosphere is available for human consumption remains in scarcity, is falling to devastation due to man-made pollution.

The 2nd phase of the lecture starts with an interactive approach and leads to a comprehensive content while receiving optimistic view points. This heartwarming explanations delivered are very instrumental in the motivation of the learned audience that promotes the use of superior quality, branded and standardized (ISO) pipes and fittings for achieving “absolutely zero wastage”. The mentor concludes the session, submitting a valuable fact. If we can conserve the water we may not be spending millions worth of funds for the construction of new plants. And the conserved quantity of water can be distributed to millions of potential consumers awaiting for drinking water.

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