The North Western RSC is established in year 2008. As per the NWSDB organization structure a Deputy General Manager ~(DGM) is heading the RSC. He is supported by Assistant General Manager~(AGM) for developing works and Manager for Operation & Maintenance works.
The following are the main duties carried out by this RSC;

  • The Work related Local Capital Budget Projects are done by the Planning & Design Division.
  • Preparation and coordinating the Large Scale Foreign Funded Projects are done by the Sector Planning Division.
  • Rehabilitation and Augmentation of Existing Water Supply Schemes are carried out by O&M Division.
  • The Construction Work related Local Capital Budget Projects are supervised by the Construction Division.
  • Billing and Revenue Collection are done by Commercial Section under Manager~(O&M).
  • E&M Division for E&M Works Design and Construction Supervision.

The day to day activities are carried out under the DGM. The Manager~(O&M) and DE~(Kurunegala) Office are also located in the same premises of DGM Offices and DE~(Puttalam) is located in Puttalam



A Customer Satisfaction Survey was initiated to develop the CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) within the RSC

 Productivity Development Programme was initiated in RSC(NW) as per the instructions given by the General Manager and necessary arrangements made to apply National Productivity awards in 2014 (Application submitted on June 2015) .Five applications were submitted by Regional Support Centre (NW), Ground Water Office (Wariyapola) ,Regional Lab(Kurunegala), Narammala Water Supply Scheme & Wariyapola Water Supply Scheme.

At the competition following awards were received in December 2015.


Regional Support Centre (NW)

2nd place in Production & Service Sector - Medium Scale

Ground Water Office, Wariyapola      

3rd place in Production & Service Sector - Small Scale.

Regional Lab, Kurunegala

Commendable Place in Production & Service Sector - Small Scale.

Narammala Water Supply Scheme      

Commendable Place in Production & Service Sector - Small Scale.

And also held an appreciation ceremony to appreciate the employees in Wayamba Region under the participation of Vice Chairman & General Manager.





Regional Support Centre (NW)

2nd place in Production & Service Sector - Medium Scale

Ground Water Office, Wariyapola      

3rd place in Production & Service Sector - Small Scale.


north western map
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Statistics of the Area
Total Area 7,888.0 km2
Population (2012) 2,372,185
* Estimated mid year Population by the Department of Census and Statistics - Sri Lanka

Click on below links to View or Download the original map published by the Survey Department of the Government of Sri Lanka.

As at end of No. of Connection North Western
2006 26,218
2007 28,470
2008 32,684
2009 36,347
2010 40,069
2011 46,500
2012 53,580
2013 58,805

The quality of water being supplied is tested regularly. Click here for a summary of test results taken island-wide.

Schemes which are presently in operation

Region Scheme Total no. of connections as end of 31st December 2013 Average Monthly Production (m3/ month)
Kurunegala Distrct Polgahawela 4,050 64,059
Alawwa 1,340 19,407
Ambanpola 1,089 14,364
Ogodapola 441 7,272
Dambadeniya 1,490 24,650
Narammala 2,638 36,220
Nikaweratiya 2,366 50,317
Pannala 360 5,311
Gokarella 571 7,148
Wariyapola 2,533 32,033
Dodamgaslanda 655 9,113
Giriulla 1,305 23,622
Galgamuwa 1,510 24,207
Rambadagalla 717 10,399
Udugama 49 517
Kurunegala - 178,824
Hettipola - 9,257
Wannigama 168 2,061
Padeniya 353 -
Buluwala 154 -
Lake Side 10 -
Puttalam District Rahamathnagar 1,705 23,280
Kakkapalliya 6,095 94,002
Andigama 395 4,408
Chilaw 6,713 121,279
Puttalam 11,401 209,838
Anamaduwa 967 11,348
Wennappuwa 1,484 22,154
Dankotuwa 3,544 62,321
Nattandiya 2,179 30,379
Samudigama - -
Total 56,284 1,097,790

Ongoing Projects

Small and Medium Water Supply Projects
Project Name  No. of Beneficiaries  Total Cost Estimate
(Rs. Million) 
From To
Nikaweratiya, Maho, Wariyapola Water Supply Project 60,000 996.7 1999 2014
Ibbagamuwa Water Supply Project 7,200 239.0 2012 2015
Dambadeniya Water Supply Project 50,000 796.0 2012 2015
Divulagane Water Supply Project 1,800 47.0 2013 2014

Please click here to view / download full contact list for Regional Support Centre (North Western)

Postal Address : Regional Support Centre (North Western)
National Water Supply & Drainage Board
Dambulla Road, Kurunegala
Telephone : +94 37 2221161, +94 37 2223158, +94 37 2225862
Fax : +94 37 2230086, +94 37 2228564
Name & Designation Telephone Mobile E-mail

Eng. D.V.Medawatta
Deputy General Manager


+94 37 2221161,
+94 37 2223158,
+94 37 2225862 
+94 77 809932 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mr. M.A.G. Susantha
Assistant General Manager (North Western)

+94 37 2221161,
+94 37 2223158,
+94 37 2225862

+94 77 2017799

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Managers (Operational & Maintenance)

Name & Designation Telephone Fax Mobile E-mail
Mr. G.W. Deshapriya
Responsive Areas: Kurunegala & Puttalam Districts
+94 37 2221161,
+94 37 2223158,
+94 37 2225862
+94 37 2231401 +94 77 489653 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">managerkuru

Service Standard Indicators

Service Indicators  RSC (North Western) 2013
Regional Average
Water Coverage (%) Pipe System maintained by NWSDB 9.0%
Per Capita Consumption (l/c/d) 99.7
Water Availability (hours) 21
Water Quality - Bacteriological Quality Compliance 99%
Water Quality - Bacteriological Testing Compliance 100.0%

Operational Indicators

Operational Indicators RSC (North Western) 2013
Regional Average
Non-Revenue Water (%) 12.66%
Non-Revenue Water - m3/conn/day 0.081
Defective Meters per '000 connections 12
Total Staff/ 1000 connection 7.1
Operational Staff/ 1000 connection 5.3
Estimated Bills/ 1000 connections 24.8

Performance in Customer Service

Customer Service Indicators RSC (North Western) 2013
Regional Average
Response to requests for new service connections (%) 100.0%
Customer Complaints Volume (Complaints/ 1000 connection) 1.7
Customer Complaints Resolution 86.9%

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Financial KPIs RSC (North Western) 2013
Regional Average
Collection Ratio (%) 99.5%
Accounts Receivable Period (months) 0.62
Collectable Accounts Receivable Period (months) 0.1
Operating Ratio 1.28
Production Cost (LKR/ m3 Produced) 31.70
Average Tariff (LKR/ m3 Sold) 15.31
Stock Efficiency (LKR/ connection) 2,624


• Hand Pumps Rehabilitation Programme expending 13.10 MRs.

• Pipe Line Extension - Maho to Polpithigama expending 80.00 MRs

• Rain Water Harvesting Tanks
Supply & installation of 41 Nos. of Rain water Harvesting Tanks for 25 Schools expending 4.0 MRs.

• Water Quality Testing Programme expending 3.0 MRs.

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The Services rendered by North Western RSC of N.W.S.& D.B. for patients suffering from kidney disease in Kurunegala district

The data bank of the Department of Health reveals that the no. of CKDu patients in 11 no. of MOH divisions in the Kurunegala district is increasing rapidly. The quality of drinking water could be a major component for the increase of CKDu patients. Hence the N.W.S.& D.B. has initiated no. of projects in these areas.
• In the Polpithigama and Maho MOH divisions, 252 kidney patients have been provided with 250 no.s of Rain water collecting tanks with capacity of 2000 L.
• 25 no.s selected schools in the above areas have been provided with 41 Rain water collecting tanks with capacity of 5000 L.
• Work has commenced for restoring hand pumps and extending the distribution line to supply water from the Maho WSS to these affected areas.
• In addition to this we have lounged a joint programme along with the DHS office in Kurunegala to monitor the quality of drinking water sources (Dug wells) of these affected areas namely Polpithigama, Giribawa and Galgamuwa.


The major task of the Sector Planning section is preparation of proposals for new projects to improve the water supply coverage in the North Western Province. Apart from that, the section has planned and achieved following goals.

*Preparation of water supply coverage maps of existing as well as proposed schemes

*Preparation of a database of water supply coverage details about GN Divisions in North Western province

There are major schemes to prepare pre-feasibility reports by the sector planning section of North Western since the availability of water is limited. They can be classified as foreign funded & local funded projects. Except these two categories, still there are few schemes for which no any fund identified yet.

PAC approved projects are Galageda –Mawathagama, Alawwa-Polgahawela, Melsiripura, Galagamuwa, Pannala-Makandura –Kuliyapitiya, Deduruoya, Hiripitiya-Ganewatta in Kurunegala District & Anamaduwa, Dankotuwa, Kalpitiya & Towns South of  Puttlam in Puttlam District.

By implementing   all the above proposed projects, the water supply coverage will be increased up to 67% in Kurunegala District & 81% in Puttalam District.