In August 2009 the North RSC functions were completely separated from the other RSCs and a DGM was appointed. An AGM was also put in place to provide support in running the RSC. O&M activities come under Jaffna Region and are managed by a regional manager. The main RSC functions are to provide necessary support to the regional office in the day to day O&M activities and to provide help and guidance in the existing scheme rehabilitation and augmentation work.

The O&M manager reports to the AGM. All RSC functions are monitored by the Additional General Manager for North & Central. The RSC is providing services to the regional offices within their capacity. Any additional help, if necessary is obtained from H/O through the respective Additional General Manager.

As this is a newly setup unit and due to the extraordinary situation that has prevailed for nearly three decades, the coverage of NWSDB in the North is limited. There are some medium scale schemes operational in Vavuniya and Mannar district. All other schemes in North RSC are very small scale water schemes.

The NWSDB is now taking steps to establish the North RSC as an independent unit, providing it with support in order to be able to widen and improve the services to the consumers in the North.

northern map
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Statistics of the Area
Total Area 8,884.0 km2
Population (2007) 1,311,776
Population (2009)* 1,187,000
Population Density (2009) 133.6/km2
Estimated mid year Population by the Department of Census and Statistics - Sri Lanka

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As at end of No. of Connection
2006 4,439
2007 5,083
2008 5,435
2009 5,729
comparison of service connections northern

The quality of water being supplied is tested regularly. Click here for a summary of test results taken island-wide.

Schemes which are presently in operation

Region Scheme Total no. of connections as end of
31st December 2009
Average Monthly Production
(m3/ month)
Vavuniya District Vacuniya 1,262 39,275
Nadunkerny - -
Kilinochchi District Kilinochchi - -
Mannar District Mannar 3,847 88,589
Mantai - 60
Talaimannar - -
Vidathalthivu - -
Jaffna District Kayts    
Araly South    
Point Pedro    
Total 5,729 144,241

Please click here to view / download full contact list for Regional Support Centre (Northern)

Postal Address : Regional Support Centre (Northern)
National Water Supply & Drainage Board
Mannar Road, Vavuniya
: +94 24 2225719
: +94 24 2225088
Name & Designation Telephone Fax Mobile E-mail
Eng. K.W. Premasiri
Deputy General Manager
      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">dgmnorth
Mr. T. Thirunavukkarasu
Assistant General Manager (Northen)
+94 24 2225720 +94 24 2225088 +94 77 3068672 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">agmnorth

Managers (Operational & Maintenance)

Name & Designation Telephone Fax Mobile
Mr. B. Thavendrakumar
+94 21 2223742 +94 21 2227965 +94 77 7864546
Mr. M.S.M. Rizwan
+94 24 2222169 +94 24 2225088 +94 77 7678549
Mr. V. Uthayaseelan
District Engineer (Mannar)
+94 23 2222124 +94 23 2222851 +94 77 7141486

Service Standard Indicators

Service Indicators  RSC (Northern) 2008
Regional Average
Water Coverage (%) Pipe System maintained by NWSDB 3.8%
Per Capita Consumption (l/c/d) 116.7
Water Availability (hours) 3.7
Water Quality - Bacteriological Quality Compliance 96.2% 
Water Quality - Bacteriological Testing Compliance 100.0% 
Water Quality - All Samples Compliance 96.3% 
Sewerage Coverage (%) -

Operational Indicators

Operational Indicators RSC (Northern) 2008
Regional Average
Non-Revenue Water (%) 16.4%
Non-Revenue Water - m3/conn/day 0.12
Defective Meters per '000 connections 22
Total Staff/ 1000 connection 20
Operational Staff/ 1000 connection 15
Estimated Bills/ 1000 connections 168

Performance in Customer Service

Customer Service Indicators RSC (Northern) 2008
Regional Average
Response to requests for new service connections (%) 76.9%
Customer Complaints Volume (Complaints/ 1000 connection) 17.7
Customer Complaints Resolution 83.3%

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Financial KPIs RSC (Northern) 2008
Regional Average
Collection Ratio (%) 78.4%
Accounts Receivable Period (months) 7.2
Collectable Accounts Receivable Period (months) 2.9
Operating Ratio 1.98
Production Cost (LKR/ m3 Produced) (Only operational cost) 56.46
Average Tariff (LKR/ m3 Sold) 25.64
Stock Efficiency (LKR/ connection) n/a