1. ECM (European Centre for Medium-Range) 10 day Weather Forecast published by Department of Meteorology, Sri - Lanka

ECM 10 Day Weather Forecast from 03.07.2022 Click Here 


2. Seasonal, Monthly and Weekly Rainfall Forecasts for  July, August and September 2022 and Temperature Forecast published by Department of Meteorology, Sri - Lanka

  Click Here 


  3. Island-wide Water Level & Rainfall Situation in Major Rivers as at 03.07.2022 published by Disaster Management Center Click Here


- Note: Please visit Official Websites of Department of Meteorology and Disaster Management Center for more information

Department of Meteorology:  https://meteo.gov.lk/index.php?lang=en

Disaster Management Center : http://www.dmc.gov.lk/index.php?lang=en


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This page is under construction

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Specification for Water Pumps
End suction vertical delivery  Download 
Horizontal shaft driven double suction   Download 
Vertical shaft driven double suction  Download 
Vertical turbine pumping sets Download
Vertically-Horizontally mounted in line Download


Specificaiotns for Sewer Pumps
Dry well above 30 kw Download 
Dry well below 30 kw  Download 
Gas Chlorinators Download 
Hosting Equipment Download
Laboratory equipment Download
Lime Alum PAC dosing packages Download
Surge Vessel Download
Water Sampling collection Download
Wet well above 30 kw Download
Wet well below 30 kw Download


Specification of Office Equipment & Miscellaneous

EComputer Spec Download 
HHiring of Vehicles  Download 
Janitorial Services Download 
Photocopier Specification Download


Specification of Pipes, Valves & Accessories
Ball Valve Spec Download 
Clamp Saddles  Download 
Couplings  Download 
DI-Pipes & fittings Download
DI-Sewerage pipes & fittings Download
Flow meters & waste meters Download 
Galvanized Pipes & fittings Download 
Gun Metal Ferrules Download 
PE Pipes Sewerage Download 
Penstocks & Headstocks Download 
PE-spec Download 
PVC ABS stainless steel Download 
PVC Pipes & Fittings Download 
Repair Spec Download 
Steel Pipes & Fittings Download 
Stop Valve Specification Download 
Valve, hydrants, surface boxes & M C Download 
Waltman Type Bulk Water meter Download 
Water Meters Download 


Specifications for Air Conditions
lighting protection Download 
Split & cassette type  Download 
Window type  Download 


Specifications of Chemicals for Water & Sewerage
ALUM Specification Download 
Aluminium Chloride  Download 
BLEACHING Specification Download 
Cationic Polyacrylami Download
Lime Specification Download


Specifications of Works
Civil Engineering cons Download 
Pipe Laying  Download 
Pipeline Marker Tape  Download 
Service connection Download
Surveying Works Download
Timber works Download
Trench Excavation, Backfilling & RR Download
Trenchless pipe installation Download
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