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As per the 2020 Financial Statements of NWSDB, it is operating with 625 Billion (Approx.) value of assets. However, there was no systematic periodic asset management especially to the water supply network infrastructure resulted in continuous increase of NRW, repair expenditure and reduced service quality thus increasing the customer complaints. Hence by recognising the importance of asset management, NWSDB has formulated a unit in February 2021 under Addl.GM (Consumer and Asset Management) to look after the island wide consumer affairs, Non-Revenue Water Management and Water Infrastructure Management.

This report outline the Terms of Reference of this newly established unit and act as a communication tool to inform the stakeholders what kind of services and support that they can obtain from Consumer and Asset Management Division to improve their service.

The Sections under Consumer and Asset Management Section

  1. NRW Monitoring and Management Unit
  2. GIS & Mapping Unit
  3. Customer Care Centre (Call Centre) Management Unit
  4. Land Unit
  5. Manpower Development and Training Unit

Contact Details

Consumer & Asset Management Section
National Water Supply & Drainage Board
Head Office, Galle Road, Ratmalana
Tel: 011-2625778
Fax: 011-2632249
Additional General Manager
Mr. N. H. D. P. Dharmapala
Tel: 011-2625778
Fax: 011-2632249
Email: addlgmcam@gmail.com
Deputy General Manager 
Mrs. N. P. Goonawardene
Tel: 011-2632243
Fax: 011-2632249
Email: wbdgmcam@gmail.com
Assistant General Manager – CAM
Mr. D. A. D. Hemachandra
Tel: 011-2625778
Fax: 011-2632249
Email: agmcam9@gmail.com
Assistant General Manager – WAM
Mr. B. U. J. Perera
Tel: 011-2625778
Fax: 011-2632249
Email: upuljanaka@gmail.com
Assistant General Manager – NRW
Mr. T. Suthakaran
Tel: 011-2082460
Fax: 011-2632249
Email: suthakaranadb7@gmail.com