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The Finance Division ensures to provide all financial related functions required to drive the Mission of the National Water Supply & Drainage Board while ensuring financial accountability and transparency. The Finance Division has the responsibility to introduce sound internal control system over their day to day operations through planning, organizing, accounting and controlling. Duty of Finance Division is to ensure that the NWSDB is governed and operated in the best interest of the NWSDB and its stakeholders in compliance within the regulatory framework. The initiation to implement the tailor made accounting system to the NWSDB has created the opportunity for timely recording and presenting of Financial Statements while catering to the requirements of IFRS and best practices. It is headed by the Addl. General Manager (Finance). Under his purview, there are two Deputy General Managers and Five Assistant General Managers to assist him with other Accountants.


To manage the funds efficiently and effectively while improving a sound financial system with accountability and transparency.

Key Functions:

The following sections are under the supervision of the Corporate Services Division.

  • Financial operation & administration
  • Treasury Management
  • Financial Reporting & Compliance
  • Financial planning, Budgetary controls and cost control
  • Management Accounting
  • Management of Special Projects

Contact Details

Finance Section
National Water Supply & Drainage Board
Head Office, Galle Road, Ratmalana
Tel: 011-2637863
Fax: 011-2637863
Additional General Manager
Mr. R.M.A.S. Weerasena
Tel: 011-2637863
Fax: 011-2637863
Email: findgm@sltnet.lk
Deputy General Manager – Finance
Ms. M.M.S. Peiris
Tel: 011-2625341
Fax: 011-2623354
Email: agmsfa@waterboard.lk
Deputy General Manager – Costing
Mr. A.G.S. Kumara
Tel: 011-2623157
Fax: 011-2623157
Email: dgmcosting@waterboard.lk
Assistant General Manager – Projects
Mr. M.M. Senaka
Tel: 011-2623164
Fax: 011-2623354
Email: senakamm@gmail.com
Assistant General Manager – FR
Ms. J.S. Dinuka
Tel: 011-2637133
Fax: 011-2623354
Email: jsdinuka@gmail.com
Assistant General Manager – CF
Mr. C.A. Kumarasena
Tel: 011-2635911
Fax: 011-2623354
Email: kumarasena@yahoo.com
Assistant General Manager – Assets
Ms. T.G. Priyanka Lakmali
Tel: 011-2735531
Fax: 011-2623157
Email: plakmali81@gmail.com
Assistant General Manager – MIS
Mr. M. Wellage
Tel: 011-2735581
Fax: 011-2623157