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The Manpower Development & Training Division, an indispensable arm of the National Water Supply & Drainage Board, assumes the pivotal role of arming NWSDB’s dedicated workforce with the knowledge, skills, and expertise requisite for exceptional performance in their respective roles. By fostering a culture of learning and innovation, this division plays a pivotal role in enhancing NWSDB’s operational efficiency and service excellence.

To prepare and empower workforce for water & sanitation sector by providing quality training

To facilitate sustainable development of Sri Lanka water & sanitation sector by providing competent workforce with specializes skills

◉ To ensure the provision of the required competency for internal staff to perform their duties efficiently and effectively
◉ To elevate the quality of training processes and facilities
◉ To explore revenue-generating opportunities
◉ To enhance the competencies of NWSDB Resource Personnel

Key Functions
◉ Identification of Training Needs, Planning, Design, Organization, Conduct, and Evaluation of In-House Training Programmes
◉ Provision of Training and Capacity Building Programs in collaboration with both in-country external institutions and overseas counterparts
◉ Facilitation of overseas visits to broaden horizons and exchange best practices.
◉ Provision of On-the-Job Training (OJT) opportunities to apprentices from other esteemed institutions
◉ Conduction of written examinations for recruitment and promotions for Board Grade VI and below, ensuring fair and objective assessments
◉ Continuous improvement of the quality of Training Programs, staying current with industry standards.
◉ Offering NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) and non-NVQ courses to external parties, promoting skills development beyond our organization

Contact Details

Manpower Development
& Training Section
National Water Supply & Drainage Board
Thelawala Road, Ratmalana
Tel: 011-2623750, 11-2632355
Fax: 011-2626176

Assistant General Manager
Ms. Disna Thiranji Pannila
Tel: 011-2623750, 011-2632355
Fax: 011-2626176
Email: agmmdtd@waterboard.lk